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Bear wear Headbands

Bear wear headbands

Bear Wear + More...

Beethoven Paws!

An incredible collection designed by George 'Xobe' Stafford, who is the lead designer for the epsorts team OpTic. 



The winners collection was designed by George 'Xobe' Stafford the lead esports designer for the pro Call of Duty team OpTic. 

Everything you need to make studying during 'Covid' a little more fun and connected.


Beethoven Bears

Plain and simple collection with an epsorts and Star Wars vibe. 

A collection which gives a range which gives you some fun items for home schooling and beyond!

Beethoven Bears

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Every $ of profit from sales on this site will go to the school. This will help to fund Teaching Assistants, IT Support as well as Art and Theatre classes which are an important part of learning and expression.